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MyCall has been set up to serve business verticals and professional enterprises with all aspects of document archiving, filing, scanning, storage and retrieval at any time. We make a world of difference in smoother and efficient functioning of your business to a more mordern and comprehensive outsourced MyCall document management service. Security and confidentiality of your documents is our forte. We serve Govt. Agencies / National Banks/ Multispeciality Hospitals, MNC's, professionals like Lawyers/ CA / CS/ Architects and many other verticals.
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Our solutions have been developed to meet emerging needs of business and individuals. MyCall assures 100% confidentiality and security and an assurance of mordern global practices in document management and digital records management.

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At MyCall it costs only Re 1.00 per carton per day as storage charges. Calculate the dead space documents take up in your office. Consider use of the saved space to generate revenues. MyCall indirectly contributes to your revenues by taking document management hassles off your hands.
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records storage
Professional management, 20 record centers spread over India, housed in fully secured and fortified buildings, ready for any contingency, computerized carton placement, bar-coded retrieval systems, digitizing on demand and safer than bank vaults.